Odd Ways to Find a Partner

Dating has long caused a great deal of anxiety among those sentenced to do it because they have yet to form a long term relationship. A person in this position might be concerned about their looks, or they could be worried their career is not interesting or lucrative enough for a partner to appreciate. Being able to figure out the best ways to invite someone on a date can be frustrating, and even knowing what to wear could seem like a momentous decision. All of these factors are part of dating, but just finding someone to ask is often the most troubling. There are plenty of conventional experiences, but odd ways to find a partner have often turned into great stories from those in long term relationships.

The coffee switch

It would seem that nearly everyone today buys their coffee from the local stand rather than making it at home, and there is plenty of opportunity to sit and chat with strangers. That could be a good way to meet someone, but it might be more effective if the coffee switch occurs. This is when one person is given the wrong cup, and they must then hunt to find the person who has taken their coffee instead. It can lead to many different conversations with strangers, and finding the person with their coffee could even lead to a date. It can be frustrating at the time, but the story can become fun in the telling.

A bumpy plane ride

There are few things worse than being strapped into seat and encountering turbulence in the air, but many people have endured it over the decades. A bumpy plane ride has often been a time when even the most taciturn of strangers are willing to speak. They might not be looking for a relationship with the person beside them, but it will help keep their mind off the jarring and frightening events occurring. Almost any subject of conversation is acceptable if it keeps them from noticing their fright of bumping along, and it will certainly help the person in the window seat to keep from looking at the suddenly flimsy appearing wings. Being able to share jokes and confidences in a scary situation has often given many people an opportunity to find and create a new relationship.

That bicycle accident

Modern travel in vehicles powered by gas and electricity are becoming more expensive, and many people have also found the need for exercise. Avoiding these and using a pedal bike to get around town has become more popular, so it could be a good way to meet someone new. That bicycle accident on the corner last week could have been a time when two single people crashed, and just checking to see if they were okay could have taken them out of their normal routine. One of them offering to take the other for coffee might have been what gave the two the opportunity to discover they had much in common, and they might be planning on another date today.

There are plenty of odd ways to meet other people, so looking at a life with mishaps should be construed as a life with potential opportunities. Not all of them are guaranteed to lead straight to a relationship, but just being open to the possibility could be what tips luck in the favour of those who are still single.